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    VKJRC is portable with Par EndFedZ Antennas!

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    Jack VK4JRC,  reported that on June 13, 2012, his club had a special event callsign VK100WIQ celebrating 100 years of the WIAQ in Queensland.


    “Our main antennas were the EF-20, EF-40 that I have owned for about 3 years and the new EF-80 which I got recently. The performance of all antennas was great, with over 120 logged contacts over the weekend including night operations, the EF-80 performed very well, with contacts as far away as New Zealend (ZL). Power supplied by genset and batteries to the Icom 7000 and Icom 718, we even had an Icom 1209 23cm radio as well.  17 members attended, with some camping overnight in the rudimentary facilities.”