• Warranty Information

    LNR Precision 1-year Limited Warranty:
    LNR Precision’s warranty is effective as of the date of shipment to customer OR date of purchase if made in person. Any equipment returned to LNR must be properly packaged, preferably in original box. Customer should provide receipt indicating purchase date for verification. Damage that is incurred during shipping could void warranty if not properly packaged.Who is Covered:
    This warranty covers the ORIGINAL owner of the LNR product as disclosed to LNR at the time of the order. LNR products transferred by the purchaser to a third party, either by sale, gift or other method, are not covered by this warranty.

    What is Covered:

    During the first year after date of purchase, LNR will replace defective or missing parts free of charge (post-paid). Purchaser will pay LNR the inbound shipping cost to LNR offices for all warranty repairs. LNR will pay shipping to return the repaired equipment to purchaser by USPS or equivalent to continental US and Canada. Alaska, Hawaii and all non-US/Canadian shipping costs will be paid by owner.What is NOT covered:
    This warranty does not cover repair of damage caused by misuse, negligence, unit modifications, or malfunctions by using non-LNR products connected to device. Disassembly of any nature to unit will void this warranty in its entirety.  Warranty does not cover , lightening, excess voltage, polarity errors and other damage from misuse of any kind. Also not covered is reimbursement for loss of use, inconvenience, customer assembly, tuning, or cost of unauthorized service. LNR reserves the right to make changes to product lines without any obligation to modify equipment previously manufactured or to notify owners of changes to existing equipment.

    Limitation of incidental or consequential damages:
    This warranty does not extend to non-LNR equipment or components used in conjunction with LNR products. Any such repair or replacement is the responsibility of the customer. LNR will not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages to persons or property caused by the use of this equipment.

    Service Repairs:
    LNR will repair units for a fee of $50 plus S/H of product to LNR offices. You must contact LNR beforehand and have the repair authorized and scheduled. Owner will be notified of process and lead times of repairs during this authorization. If products are mailed to LNR without prior notification and authorization, they may be subject to an additional S/H charge (double) to return the product. If it is determined that the repair is wholly due to a defect in the product within the 1-year warranty, owner will not be charged for repair.