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I got the USB CAT cable to install successfully in Windows 8.1.

Access the following website and then download the zip folder from the “USB-Serial Driver” link.

Unzip the folder, extract the files, and then install the PL-2303 exe file. This is a Windows 7 X64 file but it works in Windows 8.1.

Once installed, connect the USB-USB CAT cable to your PC and to your LD-5. Enter the Device Manager and you will (likely) see the offending Yellow warning icon imposed on the Prolific driver/icon. Right click the icon. Access Properties. Choose Driver Tab then Click Update Driver. Choose the Browse option then choose the “Let me pick . . .” option. Be sure to select the version no. It should work and you should now be able to update the LD-5 firmware.

Be aware of a couple of things! First, if you get out of the update program, etc. and then start it all over again, you may have to re-choose I know I had to do this. Second, it is my understanding that when Windows does its periodic updates, it will re-install the latest Windows 8.1 version of the Prolific drivers. Currently this is You will have to roll-back or re-choose the again. Yes, I know. A PITA . . . but what else is there to do?

Note to the LNR folks: I strongly suggest the next time you update the LD-5 that you provide a USB CAT cable with another chipset such as FTDI. Just saying . . . .

Good luck everybody!