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We took the EF Quad to the park and set it up out in the open with no surrounding objects. 30 foot pole on one and and 7 foot pole on the other end. Checked the SWR and the resonant point was still 5.8 MHz. We laid the antenna wire on the ground and I stepped off the length – 25 paces. So the antenna wire was 75 feet long. We took it back to the house and cut off 10 feet of wire. We then did three runs for shortening the length. Ended up at 62 feet long. Nice resonant point in the 40M and 20M bands, with nice wide bandwidths. The antenna was resonant at 21.8 Mhz on the 15M band and a little high on the 10M band. We will need to trim the 15M and 10M stubs to get them to where they need to be.