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Continued feedback 6/29/15……….

So, I used my EF-Quad for field day this past weekend (6/27 and 6/28). We were located in Central Arizona, on the Mogollon RIM at 7000ft. The area was off Fire Road 300 in a remote location about 45min NE of Payson AZ.

I couldn’t be happier with a wire antenna. I had it strung up as a sloping antenna. The radiating end was about 30 ft off the ground, suspended by nylon cord that I got into a pine tree using an arborist throw line, worked awesome. The match box (coax end) was about 2ft off the ground, also suspended by using a nylon cord that was tied off to the base of a tree next to my tent. On 20M band I made contacts in Maui and Honolulu, Puerto Rico, Vermont and about 20 other states but the most important and significant for me was the Navy officer on board the USNS Mercy, a Navy hospital ship that was off the cost of Papua New Guinea. Google map puts it at 7299 miles. He pulled me out of the crowd with a S3-4 report. Working at 100 watts on battery power I was thrilled. I also had another antenna known for it’s performance but I kept coming back to the Ef-Quad due to the quality of the TX and RX signals. FYI, I was not asked to give feedback but feel it’s warranted due to the outstanding performance of this antenna.

Rob M.