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Some observations for using EndFedz for Steath applications:
1) Most H.O.A.’s don’t have anything that prevents temporary use. So you can (usually) pop and antenna up and take it down without problems (given that it’s safe).
2) For those without trees — I have made mast support installations with cement and a section of PCV that will receive a 1.5″ diameter section of water pipe. This is flush to the ground. (See QRP article “A Hole in the Ground, via QRP ARCI magazine disk.) This way, you can have a robust mast to quickly attach antennas to. A fiberglass mast should be used to support the antenna, etc.
3) Most neighbors will not object if the antenna is simple and not complicated. Further, if you pop it up and take it down (at least at first) this gives them time to get accustomed to it. It’s also wise to strategically place the antenna as descretely as possible, where it is not in their face.
4) One way to engage those who ask is to tell them that you talk to the world with only 5-watts (much less that the 100-watts lightbulbs they read by). Or, you can limit this to being able to hear radio stations from all over the world. The key is to tell them something they can relate to, be comfortable with.
5) Finally, if you become challenged because you leave the antenna up all the time, you can tell/show them how it goes up/down in < 5-minutes.
72, NM4T