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I have a bunch of the EndFedz mono-band antennas — love ’em!
For storage, I keep all of them in a canvass Craftsman carry bag with each in a labeled, plastic Zip-Lock bag. This way, when I go out for a portable radio operation — I just grab the ones I want and stick them into my Go Bag/Backpack.
Best of all — I don’t have to use a tuner with my QRP rigs! Tuners are great when you need them, but you lose valuable power in the tuners/system whenever your antenna is not well matched to your rig. As you would expect — this is particularly important when operating from battery power sources.
Thanks LNR — It’s way cool to know that I can count on these antennas, that they are fool proof, efficient and reliable in the field.

A happy camper, NM4T