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Got the Mountain Topper and the MTR 3 Band EndFed Antenna at the Huntsville Hamfest. Took it to Morton Hill (W4A/VR-001), Calhoun County, Alabama on 2 Sept 2015. Powered the rig with a fresh nine volt battery so it was running about 2.5 watts. Had tuned the Antenna in the backyard the week before in the same sloper configuration with the far end up 15 feet and the near end just 2 feet off the ground. Was able to get 19 contacts, most on 40 meters. Worked 20 and 30 meters for at least 4 contacts each. The QTHs ranged from FL to NJ and out to AZ. I am a CW/SOTA beginner using a leg key. The rig performed excellently, and the SOTA chasers are very generous folks. This was a great purchase, and I am very happy with the radio and antenna combination. Ron-N4SFR.