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I purchased one of the first 100 MTR that LNR was selling, and I have to say just how thrilled I am with the radio. I recently sold my Alinco SR8T, so for a while, the MTR is and will be my “main rig” in the shack. (Antenna is LNR EF-10/20/40)

Last night, I did something that I had never been able to do with OTHER radios in the past: I was able to hear the NCDXF beacons on 14.100 MHz. The RX on the Mountain Topper is so good that it was quite easy…my FT-817ND couldn’t do it, nor could the SR8T. Also, last night on 30m, S57V was calling CQ and with 5w I was able to get him with ONE CALL.

Outstanding job!!!