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Walt Schuknecht

I have used the MFJ-4103, it powered QRP radios ok. I then found the Pro Audio Engineering Model# PAE-Kx33. I found that this supply has a lower noise floor than the MFJ. I have not been able to measure this, my only standard is the noise level heard. Since the minimum determinable level that can be detected is 3db, I can only say that it is 3db better. The only drawback to this and other standard coaxial power connectors is that it will need to be changed to the one used by LNR.

Andersen Electronic Devices, Glendale, AZ, Phone 623-412-3582, Email:, has available a Li-ion Polymer Battery Pack. This device has an internal charge balancing circuit. this pack is rated at 11.1V, 4250mAh output. This comes with open terminated leedes.