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Thanks for the replies! Can someone provide me a link tö the updated firmware, and instructions, if possible? I can’t find them at the website, LD-5 only, but I need this for the LD-11 with Prolific chip. Not sure if there is a different file for each kind of USB chipset.

I’m packing for a weeklong trip to Souther France and hope to do some SOTA activities. Unfortunately I’m about to fall back to the 817 instead of the LD-11. No use in hiking up 2100m elevation and not being able to activate due to the issues with the LD-11.

But when I’m back from the big hill ( 😉 ) I’ll have some days off and will do some 1 pointers close to my lodging and will take the LD-11 with me for some testing…

In any case, I will provide status when I’m back home…