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When you receive your radio and mic check it out. I received a large mic with a tightly coiled cord and a gold plated plug. The plug was too long and it put the rig into transmit each time I plugged it in. I made a paper washer to prevent inserting it fully. Then I was told I had a strong AC hum. I switched back to my LD-5 mic and both problems gone. I emailed LNR twice at their posted email but response. I finally cut the mic cord to replace the mic plug and when I exposed the wires there was NO shielding. The “shield” was a very few fine copper wires loosely wrapped around the PTT and mic wires. I can only assume that the AC hum was picked up from the two LED shack lights on goosenecks both about 12 inches from the transmitter and mic cable. You may not have any problem but be aware.

The mic for the LD-5 looks just like my other MFJ microphones so one with the appropriate plug on it may work very well.

Dave K8WPE