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First off, I have the LD-11, but it is very similar to the LD-5. With fldigi I can get reception using either the <Y> cable or the CAT/USB directly to the laptop. The <Y> cable does not engage the PTT so with Transmit fldigi does its part but LD-11 does not transmit. I am thinking using SignaLink with the K3 cable would resolve this as it has Mic/Phone/PTT plugs. However there is no transference of tuning info as this requires CAT (Computer Aided Tuning). While it is stated that TS2000 setting will allow CAT fldigi and rig to sync tuning I have found this not to be so with any settings I use. Also, I would assume CAT would allow PTT to enable Transmit from laptop but this also is not happening. As recommended by fldigi, flrig was used to set up and to choose rig (in this case TS2000) but despite settings on laptop with Port#, NONE is the only port choice on flrig.