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I seriously doubt a dynamic mic will work fine with the LD-11 transceiver. I am just another end user, who has acquired a slightly used LD-11 transceiver on eBay auction. I have found that the hand mic supplied with the transceiver is most certainly an electret element mic, which I have replaced with a smaller electret hand mic. I have rewired my spare M-206S hand mic, which was originally supplied with my earlier production Chinese FX-9A transceiver. It is a better size match for the LD-11 transceiver and works quite well. The mic wiring of the 3.5mm mic jack is very simple. The lower shank of your 3.5mm mic plug is common ground. The center section is +PTT and the very tip is +Audio. As for the exact size specifications of the DC power jack, it appears I need to pull out my digital calipers, because getting any real answers on this forum appears to be problematic at best. KB1BBY Scott.