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I had recently ordered this antenna and decided to use it for Field Day this past weekend. Setup 20′ vertical on my crappie pole then horizontal and up maybe 5 more feet to a tree, running SSE. Took about 15 minutes. Used my MTR-3, no tuner, 3×3.7v LiIon batteries, AME PortaPaddle and ATH ANC-3 earbuds. One the air about 6 hours total Sat/Sun. Results: 48 sections in 36 states with 100 (my goal) total contacts. 1.5:1 SWR on 20/40m.
VERY pleased with both quality of construction and its ability. I ran ‘S&P’ rather than trying to CQ, and I think only a couple stations didn’t hear my 5W.
I am in Oklahoma but was able to work ENY, NFL, LAX, WWA, WY, CT etc as well as BC and SK in western Canade off what should have been the ‘back’.

72, Dennis W5WIL