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Thanks for the reply. And apologies for the delayed return.

First, (and should have said this beforehand) I got my General ticket just two months ago. And my Tech a month before that. Prior to that, did RX with my Icom R75 & the EndFed RX antenna, which I liked very much. Opened up the HF world to me, and pushed me to get my TX license.

I will likely always be a PH person. So when I got the Quad, I also bought a good antenna analyzer & did some comparisons. For voice, 40, 20 & 15m SWR were very good. 1.5 or lower. But 10m was almost 3.0. After I trimmed the 10m stub, it went down a bit, but the others appeared to creep up a bit.

Afterwards, went out again, did more analysis, and did some additional trimming of the 10m stub. The others stayed in the 1.2-1.5 SWR area, and 10m dropped to 2.1.

Guess I was afraid that the Quad trimming was initially not behaving the way I expected. But its all good now.

BTW> participated in this past weekend’s ARRL Rookie Roundup. Got my TenTec Eagle out as far as Washington state on 100W. Plus, have previously contacted the Caribbean & western Europe.

I will never have a tower in my backyard. (Wifey sez a big NO!) But the Quad is really good. Very good w/ RX as well. As good as advertised. I’m happy.