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Thanks for the info and the youtube link. I found this youtube link yesterday, tried it, and it didn’t work. I noticed on the youtube link that the Prolific device drivers (there were two of them) were not current drivers. The current Windows 8 driver is version and it apparently doesn’t install the USB-A to USB-A adapter cable successfully. Perhaps those with Window 8/8.1 Professional edition might install the cable successfully. The Professional edition has a full Windows (versions) compatibility mode utility that my Windows 8.1 Premium edition doesn’t.

BTW, I have not been able to find on-line a supplier for a USB-A to USB-A CAT cable with another chipset such as FTDI. I suppose I can chase down one of my friends who might have a Windows 7 PC or better yet, a Windows XP driven PC (even though XP is no longer supported by Microsoft).