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    Was curious to know if anyone has used the LD5 on digital modes yet. I am thinking of playing around with the RTTY WPX contest this weekend and was curious. I will be using N1MM contest logging software with MMTTY.





    I am also interested in how to do PSK31.


    Radio is operating DIG modes without problems . Just use DIG mode and configure CAT system via usb cable an interfacing cables , supplied free with LD5, GL1


    A few ?’s on dig setup.
    I have a SingaLink USB for sound card, I have yet to find a file for CAT control of LD-5,
    Before I purchase the transceiver need to understand the following:
    1) does Filter 4 operate like the SSB settings or CW. I would want SSB settings.
    2) is the apparent SWR problem discussed in the QST review resolved?
    3) how is PTT configured, VOX??
    4) does the hand mic have manual PTT


    I have a few questions on using the LD5 on digital mode. What software do I need to install. I currently use fldigi and jt65 at my home. I can not find any program that has LD5, or any LNR product for CAT control. Can any one please help me out?

    Joe W2JJT


    There is a document in the manuals tab on this page. The LD-5 and LD-11 use the TS-2000 for CAT or hamlib. Not sure why the company doesn’t answer questions for their own product. I’m still waiting for a firmware update for adjustable filters in digital modes.



    Hi Jason
    I went to the manuals tab, and followed the instructions. Now, when I plug in the USB cord in, the unit goes right into transmit. Did you have this problem as well? Thanks for the help in this matter.

    Joe W2JJT


    First off, I have the LD-11, but it is very similar to the LD-5. With fldigi I can get reception using either the <Y> cable or the CAT/USB directly to the laptop. The <Y> cable does not engage the PTT so with Transmit fldigi does its part but LD-11 does not transmit. I am thinking using SignaLink with the K3 cable would resolve this as it has Mic/Phone/PTT plugs. However there is no transference of tuning info as this requires CAT (Computer Aided Tuning). While it is stated that TS2000 setting will allow CAT fldigi and rig to sync tuning I have found this not to be so with any settings I use. Also, I would assume CAT would allow PTT to enable Transmit from laptop but this also is not happening. As recommended by fldigi, flrig was used to set up and to choose rig (in this case TS2000) but despite settings on laptop with Port#, NONE is the only port choice on flrig.


    TS2000 is suggested to use for CAT. I have been unsuccessful with it so far.
    Each mode has its own filter width with 4 choices each mode, and mode specific it changes from mode to mode. Digital mode seems unfiltered but this allows sliding up and down the waterfall, those other signals are not filtered out.
    Not sure about the QST SWR problem. I had to return twice, but the third LD-11 came back working quite well. I have a tuned EndFedz Quad which has no problem whatsoever with SWR on those four bands. The rig will power down output as SWR rises.
    VOX is adjustable for SSB and separately for CW (must be on for CW to work with paddle). there is a separate phono jack for PTT.
    The hand mic is rugged and does use a side button for PTT. Also, there is VOX.

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