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    How many members of this forum have tried this antenna and what are your thoughts concerning its performance.
    Thank you for any replies you may give.
    Brad N1VWD


    I bought one, along with the Mountain Topper radio and an SKCC straight key. Have not used the EF-MTR yet, but have used the key and radio.


    Is it necessary to tune the antenna out of the box? The manual implies that it does.

    Given I don’t own an SWR meter or antenna analyzer…


    I posted on this antenna on eham review not long ago.
    Right out of the box and up in the air—– no trimming at all.
    SWR about 1.5 to 1 on all 3 bands. I’ve had good experience with other LNR
    end fed wires . A bit of wire trimming was needed.
    But this one needed no adjustment: 25 ft rg174 coax attached to the tuner box
    at 8ft height and the far end at 20ft.


    Great, that’s reassuring. I’ve cut a 20m dipole but I’ll be a lot happier if I can use the antenna properly.

    Now if only propagation would improve.


    I have the EF-MTR and have used it on numerous SOTA activations using a 33.5 ft RG-174 Coax and an Elecraft KX3. The KX3 immediately displays 1.0:1 on 40 & 20 when the tuner is activated. Signal reports are comparable to my dipole IF i get the EF-MTR up high enough. Very easy to deploy with a throw weight and line. Haven’t used it on 30 as I lost the 30 mtr tuning stub. Can someone from LNR contact me concerning a replacement stub. The “Contact US” submission apparently isn’t working and there is no phone number on the website.
    Dean ~ K2JB


    I had recently ordered this antenna and decided to use it for Field Day this past weekend. Setup 20′ vertical on my crappie pole then horizontal and up maybe 5 more feet to a tree, running SSE. Took about 15 minutes. Used my MTR-3, no tuner, 3×3.7v LiIon batteries, AME PortaPaddle and ATH ANC-3 earbuds. One the air about 6 hours total Sat/Sun. Results: 48 sections in 36 states with 100 (my goal) total contacts. 1.5:1 SWR on 20/40m.
    VERY pleased with both quality of construction and its ability. I ran ‘S&P’ rather than trying to CQ, and I think only a couple stations didn’t hear my 5W.
    I am in Oklahoma but was able to work ENY, NFL, LAX, WWA, WY, CT etc as well as BC and SK in western Canade off what should have been the ‘back’.

    72, Dennis W5WIL

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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