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    Hi everyone…I have 2 newbie questions:

    1) Connection from Matchbox to Radio……I’ll be 100% QRP….so I am looking to maximize the signal strength from my KX3. With that said, what is the best configuration from the matchbox to the radio? For example: will my signal improve if:
    a) I add counterpoise (5% WL…25% WL…or ??) and keep the coax short?
    b) I add a 1:1 Balun?
    c) Keep any of the above (counterpoise/coax) up off the ground?
    d) Or nothing…just coax straight to the radio

    2) For tuning 20/40:

    a) To tune 40-meters first per the instructions, do I start with, or without, the 20-meter stub attached? I presume (given step 7 that says to securing attache the stub…that I should start the 40-meter tuning WITHOUT the 20-m stub…correct??)

    b) When, in the process do you try to get to 1:1 SWR? The instructions say to simply find the lowest SWR….. So, does this mean that, without an external tuner, the SWR will not get to 1:1 ‘all by itself’….and thus 1:1 isn’t achieved until a tuner finishes the job?

    Thanks !!!
    73, Jim K3JRU

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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