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    Before receiving my antenna in the mail I envisioned myself mounting the EF matchbox directly to the underside of the roof soffit of my house (about 25ft up), and then running the other end to a 15ft high support in the back of my yard. After reading the instructions though apparently the matchbox is supposed to hang from a non conductive rope type support (as is the opposite end). What keeps the match box from flopping over and hanging upside down? I would think the side with the 8 holes should be pointing down to keep from filling up with rain/snow?

    Dave N8SJZ


    Old post, but still no answer to a what I think is a very good question. I just put mine up and it is indeed “upside down” with what appear to be drain holes facing up to the sky. I potted the holes with coax seal. What am I and the OP missing?


    Had a nice chat with the folks at LNR yesterday. The holes in question do not compromise the weather tightness of the match box. Four are a simply a consequence of the way the box is manufactured, the other four are for the screws that hold the box halves together. I put mine up in a permanent installation last weekend and found the tuning to be virtually perfect, with the exception of 15 meters and even that is in the close enough range, where a minor tweak is optional for the perfectionist. Excellent!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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