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    Hi all!

    While using my LD-11 on 20m SSB a kind OM told me that I should check my mike because I sound very disturbed.

    Today I used my 817nd as a receiver and heard what he meant. Audio with the LD-11 and the provided microphone sounded very much like my voice was “faxed” and just keying it would send very much “noise”.

    I connected my Heil headset instead and that sounded not much better.

    As it seemed not to matter which mike was used, I’m assuming that this is related to the transceiver.

    Might this be related to the transceiver still running on firmware 1.00 (see my other thread)? Any ideas what I might additionally check?

    I plan to go on a 10 point SOTA activation in France next weekend and my CW is far from being good enough for this, so I really would like to get SSB fixed in advance!

    Thanks and 73 to all!

    Alex (DL2aOS)


    I don’t think it is related to the firmware. If you are concerned, you can update on LnR’s web site.
    I would suggest you check your menu settings.
    Make sure you are not “close talking” the mic. Keep it 5 to 7 inches from your lips.
    Check your compression setting.
    Adjust your TX EQ settings in the menu.

    If all that fails, it may be a bad mic.


    What compression setting do you recommend using?


    Thanks for the replies! Can someone provide me a link tö the updated firmware, and instructions, if possible? I can’t find them at the website, LD-5 only, but I need this for the LD-11 with Prolific chip. Not sure if there is a different file for each kind of USB chipset.

    I’m packing for a weeklong trip to Souther France and hope to do some SOTA activities. Unfortunately I’m about to fall back to the 817 instead of the LD-11. No use in hiking up 2100m elevation and not being able to activate due to the issues with the LD-11.

    But when I’m back from the big hill ( 😉 ) I’ll have some days off and will do some 1 pointers close to my lodging and will take the LD-11 with me for some testing…

    In any case, I will provide status when I’m back home…


    Everyone’s voice and mic position is different. I would start with no compression and try each TX EQ setting to find what is right for you.


    Ver 1.00 is the latest for the LD-11


    QRPME, no, 1.01 is the latest, and is present on my LD-11 purchased at the recent Dayton hamvention.

    There are some subtle differences in information displayed on screen when in use between 1.00 and 1.01.


    Thanks for the update, I, too, was assuming that there should be a v1.01 as the manual document refers to it at several points, including the pan scope references on page 9 of the document. Unfortunately I cannot find ANY firmware update for download on this website.

    Does anyone know how to activate the pan scope on v1.00? I havn’t found that one yet…

    DL2AOS, Alex

    P.S. I havn’t heard by myself yet, but I activated F/PE-283 for SOTA yesterday and got no complaints about bad audio. I resetted the LD-11 to factory settings and maybe that helped. No idea what people did to the demo unit before I got it… 🙂


    The band scope can be turned on by pressing the ‘F’ button then the ‘VFO A/B’ button.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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