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    Hi all!

    After successfully using the LD-11 to activate F/PE-238 for SOTA I’mm looking forward to doing some SOTA next time I’m in Japan.

    To get a guest license, as as I can tell from some seriuos web browsing, and permission to use your own equipment it is very helpful if you can provide as much of techical information when applying for the permission to use your own equipment in Japan.

    Apparently, when you provide that info you will receive a sticker to put on the radio that confirms compliance to japanese regulations.

    Does anyone know where to get that info? I can’t find anything like that on the website and if this request comes up empty I will contact LNR directly.

    Looks like these guys are pretty busy soldering equipment for all of us, so I would prefer to bother them if absolutely necessary, only.

    Thanks and 73

    Alex, DL2AOS


    Go to the “Manuals” section of the LnR web site. Download the manual for the radio. It has all the technical specs for the radio.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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