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    For those who would prefer a main tuning dial (or VFO knob) with finger dimple, I have located a source for a very nice machined aluminum knob which looks, feels and functions just wonderfully on my LD-11 transceiver. It is made of solid black aluminum and the outer edge is very nicely knurled. Just go on eBay and type the search terms “13mm x 32mm BLACK SOLID ALUMINUM KNOB” and you will find it available at several eBay sellers in China. Actual prices vary somewhat, but by the time you add the shipping fees, you will find the average price to be about $5.00 to $7.00 total per knob. The only alternative pricing would be to buy them in larger quantities. A lot of 10 can currently be purchased for $29.90 with FREE SHIPPING. Happy tuning and 73, de KB1BBY/Scott.

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