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    By opening this topic I hope folks will submit how they have configured their radios so we can learn from each other. I am 100% CW so my experience is limited to that mode.

    I think I was one of the original owners of the LD-11 and played with it a bit here at home, but used during the winter to work /p in the SKCC Weekend Sprints. It worked great but I had to manually log as the Prolific chip set would not work with my Windows 10 laptop. I contacted the LNR about the problem I was having and they took the original radio back and sent one with the FTDI chip set. (Great customer service!)

    The computer sees it now. You won’t find logging or control programs that list “LD-11” (or at least that I could find. However using the CAT directions for the LD-5, and setting up some programs before turning on the radio I have been successful in getting N1MM and SKCCLogger to log QSO’s.

    Radio control programs however can trigger the radio to transmit when bringing them up (make sure your radio has an antenna or dummy load attached when experimenting). I have found that for a simple radio control program for mode and frequency control that DXLabs Commander will work with the “Kenwood” config. I am assuming you can use the other utilities in DXLabs once you have a radio connected, but have not not tried. it.

    Anyway, just passing on what I am learning. The manual is OK, but is not clear on certain things, especially about working with a computer. I would be interested in how others are working with their LD-11 and learning from their experience.

    73, John, K0FTC


    OK, hoping someone can help me with my problem. I have a almost new LD-11 Transceiver and I am trying to get it set up for digital modes. I have a WIn10 laptop. My radio is connected to it through the USB cable and the line in/out cable that came with the radio. I am using an external sound card dongle, seprating the mic and speaker lines into another USB jack on the laptop.
    I have the radio set to 14.070 in DIG mode with the power level at 9.8 and the SSB Vox at 100ms. With I bring up Digipan the radio goes into Xmit with 0.0 watts. when I Xmit through the program it goes to to 8.6 watts just fine. When the program is done, it stays in Xmit at 0.0 watts. I’ve tried running the sound card levels on the computer down and I know the Comm port is right, just can’t get it into receive. I’m sure it’s something simple, probably on the radio, but I’m at a loss as of now…Any help would be appreciated


    I have been trying to get the LD-11 working with Ham Radio Deluxe with limited success. Using the Yaesu Ft450 I can get limited connectivity but everything is sluggish and changing band caused HRD to crash.

    With limited information from the user guide it is hard going trying to get the Cat connected to work digital. ☺



    you say you are using “ssb” for the digital modes but there is a digtal mode in the mode selection, not sure if this changes the ptt? i’m thinking it probably disables the ptt so you can use the vox.
    colin (K0LIN)

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