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    I paid for my new LD-5 at Dayton and was told it would needed 10-day lead time for delivery. Has this time frame changed? Will I be sent a tracking number along with an email when the radio ships?

    Kevin Elliott
    261 Warwick Street
    ST Paul, MN 55105

    LNR admin

    Hi Kevin,

    That is correct and still on pace to ship as we promised. As soon as it ships, you will receive an email notification along with tracking information. Thanks!


    Ordered mine at Dayton also. Hoping to have it to show off at our June 2nd Meeting. I’m doing a presentation on my trip to Dayton.


    I am really anxious to get the rig, all of the people I have shown it to have expressed interest in it and as a matter of fact a friend of mine has asked if he could take mine on Mini hiking DXpedition as he hikes and goes from Yellowstone up into Canada to Lake Louise. Being that he is more like a brother than friend he will be taking it on his adventure as him and try to maintain contact during his trip.


    Any idea when my unit will ship? The 10-day lead time I was told to expect has come and gone now and I have not any information or when it will ship.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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