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    I am looking to purchase or make up an extra DC power cable for the LD-5. The specifications on the LNR web site indicate that a 3.5 mm male plug is used on the DC cable. I would like this confirmed. I suspect that the connector might be actually a 2.5 mm male plug, but I do not have any 2.5 mm male plugs at home to verify this. I know that my 2.1 mm male plugs are too small to fit the LD-5 power connection. I use DC coaxial cables with 2.1 mm male plugs to power my KX1 and my HB1B MK3. Interestingly, the cable that came with the LD-5 also fits in the power connection for my KX1 and my HB1B MK3. This is why I doubt that it is a 3.5 mm male plug.

    Please confirm: Does the LD-5 DC power cable use a 3.5 mm male plug or is this a misprint and it should be a 2.5 mm male plug?

    BTW, I also own the superb Mountain Topper. I have an extra DC power connecter for it. I use the Yaesu EDC-6 DC cable that works with the FT-817ND and most Yaesu HTs.

    Yes, it should be obvious to all. I am a collector of QRP CW transceivers! LOL

    James Coffey, AE5ZX

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