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    I bought a LD-5 some months ago.
    I have used it portableand I’m happy with it.
    I searched on the web for further details and a proper review of it.
    I only found a good review written by the ARRL, but I missed some practical details, like current drain, SWR callibration and how to setup with an external headset

    I wrote a review and have published it here, in the SOTA (SUmmits on the air) public forum:

    I share it just in case it is useful.
    It would be great if LNR in cooperation with the designers and programmers of this rig could update the Firmware to solve some issues found in the rig.

    Let’s summarize all pros and cons encountered during the review:

    • Pros:
    – Small and lightweight.
    – Clear and bright display, even under direct sunlight.
    – Enough function buttons (menu access just required for Power / CW speed or other main settings).
    – Audio quality and loudness of the built-in speaker.
    – SSB voice compressor adjustable.
    – 8 watt max output power adjustable.
    – Built in S meter / SWR / Pwr / Batt voltage (further details in the Cons list)
    – Upgrade of Firmware via USB.

    • Cons:
    – Wrong SWR measurements leading to excessive power reduction while it wouldn’t be necessary with an acqurate measurement on the rig. That makes the use of a proper 50Ω antenna mandatory, or to carry an antenna Tuner along if the antenna is not truly resonant.
    – Difficult VOX adjustment if you use a basic headset. Building an external PTT is necessary.
    – Tuner step size resets to 1 Hz everytime the rig is switched off.
    – Changing VFO from A to B between SSB and CW modes doesn’t change the mode automatically.
    – Lack of CW message memories (a CQ call memory would be a nice add on).

    Hope you like it, VY 73 de Ignacio EA2BD

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