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    I am wondering if anybody has power supply recommendations for the LD-5. For example, is there a good AC supply out there? I am looking for either a wall wart or something like a laptop power supply (cord on both ends). Also, there are many rechargeable cells out there. I am thinking of a 12V nominal 4S LiFePO4 at about 4500mAh but I do not know how long this would last typically given a mix of listening and quick contacts (SOTA).


    I use a radio shack 3A power supply. It works very well with the LD-5



    I use one that is way overkill…and have had no problems. The MFJ-4245MV.




    Well – I bought the 4200mAh LiFePO4 battery from HobbyKing and a balance charger and I have all of the terminals converted to Anderson Powerpoles. I just turned the radio on for the first time last night just to test it so I do not have any operating data yet. I am also thinking of getting the power supply that is sold for the KX3 by Precision Audio Engineering. I will add more details when I have done some operating.

    Walt Schuknecht

    I have used the MFJ-4103, it powered QRP radios ok. I then found the Pro Audio Engineering Model# PAE-Kx33. I found that this supply has a lower noise floor than the MFJ. I have not been able to measure this, my only standard is the noise level heard. Since the minimum determinable level that can be detected is 3db, I can only say that it is 3db better. The only drawback to this and other standard coaxial power connectors is that it will need to be changed to the one used by LNR.

    Andersen Electronic Devices, Glendale, AZ, Phone 623-412-3582, Email: chad942@cox.net, has available a Li-ion Polymer Battery Pack. This device has an internal charge balancing circuit. this pack is rated at 11.1V, 4250mAh output. This comes with open terminated leedes.


    I purchased the Pro Audio Engineering KX3 power supply that is being mentioned above and it does work well. I put Anderson Power Pole connectors on it to connect to the red and black power wire from LNR.


    I just used a 12v/7amh battery. Seems to work fine. However, testing has been limited to about a couple of hours of primarily listening and learning the settings and function. Not much TX yet.


    I only use my powercell to date 5000mAh, 20c 11.1v… and I bought one of those cool “Watt’s up” digital output readings of the batteries current health. I go 7-10 hours a day, have yet to get below 10.5v remaining, but recharge nightly. I have been tempted to run it just to find out how many nights I could go out SOTA-venturing for this coming summer. Will let you know the results if I do.


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