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    If you are half as fickle as I am, you want all the portability you can possibly achieve with your QRP radio gear. My last HF QRP rig was a Chinese made FX-9A transceiver, which included a rather small electret condenser type hand mic, marked “M-206S”. It strongly resembled an older VHF/UHF speaker mic, made by Icom. It got very good audio reports and I am thinking about rewiring one of those hand M-206S mics to work with my LD-11 transceiver. Admittedly, I do not like the fact that the stock mic included with my LD-11 transceiver is about half the size of the transceiver. I also do not like the stiff mic cord. As far as antenna jack, I may modify my LD-11 with an SMA FEMALE jack, just as I did with my FX-9A transceiver. Call me finicky and OCD, but a transceiver this small should also have parts, accessories, jacks and connectors which appropriately match the size and portability of the transceiver. KB1BBY/Scott


    According to preliminary testing with my biggest/best 2KW wattmeter, 1.5KW dummy load and Yaesu FT-950 (used as monitor receiver)…the hand mic rewiring was quite successful. The M-206S hand mic (stock mic supplied with earlier production runs of the Chinese FX-9A transceiver) now works very well with my LD-11 transceiver. Audio range and sensitivity both seem very close to the characteristics of the stock mic included with my LD-11. The M-206S hand mic is more compact, yet still quite comfortable. Also note that the gold plated RIGHT ANGLE 3.5mm stereo plug is a VAST OPERATIONAL IMPROVEMENT over the oversized straight plug on the stock supplied LD-11 hand mic. Still pondering the idea of changing out the BNC antenna jack to the more petite SMA female jack. The SMA type connectors have a much lower profile and are good for at least 20W PEP. I plan to never drive the LD-11 harder than 5W PEP when running barefoot; usually less when driving one of my QRP amplifiers. KB1BBY/Scott


    For even better portability you could always build one like this:


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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