Cheatsheet Sticker

MTR-4B V2 Quick Reference Guide


The cheatsheet below is designed to be a quick reference sheet while using the unit in the field. It is equivalent to the sticker that is shipped with your MTR4b v2 unit. Note that the sticker is fairly durable and the sticker manufacturer states that it is waterproof though LNR makes no particular claims for this as we haven’t tested the sticker for wetness as of yet. Replacement stickers will be available for purchase on LNR website if you would like extras. However, feel free to download this image to use or modify as you see fit.

Dimensions:  4.750” x 1”

Note: Sticker manufacturer had a 1” minimum height. The text has been shifted down slightly so that the top of the sticker can be trimmed for a precise fit on the side(bottom) of the MTR4b V2.

  • Cheatsheet Stickers are still in production. For customers that have already ordered a MTR4b V2, these will be mailed to the address we have on file at no charge.