Firmware Updates

Firmware Update Information

The LD-5 and LD-11 Transceiver’s firmware can be updated by downloading files to your PC/Laptop and performing the update via a USB cable to the USB/CAT port. It is imperative that the firmware updates be performed sequentially.  Also, a very helpful thing to do is to download all files to the same directory. That way when you run the update firmware program the appropriate firmware (.fw) files will be in the directory without you having to search for them.

To perform the firmware updates, you must first download the “UpdateFirmware” utility. It is an executable file that can be used to update any of the firmware files. All update files end with a .fw file extension. It is your responsibility to determine your device’s COM port for proper connectivity. LNR does not have the resources to provide IT assistance on this.

* Make sure your LD-5/11 is in USB or LSB mode (NOT CW) when performing the update. If in CW, the LD-5/11 will transmit when powered on after update.

PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v1_8_0  (Primarily only for use with LD-5) Prolific Driver (ZIP File)  which includes Instructions and Driver (recommended to install on your computer before updating Firmware)

Instructions (Click to Download):
Instructions to perform firmware update (.PDF)

Step 1: (Download Update Utility)

For LD-5: LD-5 Updatefirmware.EXE (Software Utility required for updates)
For LD-11: LD-11 Updatefirmware.EXE (Software Utility required for updates)

Step 2: (Update Firmware)

LD-5 Updates
Firmware update to 1.72.8 (Click to Download)
List of Fixes:

  • SQUELCH ADDED TO ALL MODES –after update go to MENU , select SQL. You will hear a click in speaker that confirms activation.
  • DIGI MODE 3900Hz BANDWIDTH – Adjustment in Menu to adjust TX Level for Digi.
  • Improvement in noise floor. LD-5 has very low internal noise.
  • Minor Wattmeter and SWR updates.
  • Elimination of all parasitic process generated noises.
  • Improved processor adjustments.

Firmware update from 1.72.8 to 1.73.2 (must be at version 1.72.8)
List of Fixes:

  • RIT Memory on every band via tuning of VFOA and VFOB until power disconnect.
  • No Range Limits on RIT (ex. 14.001.00 –  14.349.99 in RIT)
  • Updates on firmware process to maintain settings

Firmware update from 1.73.2 to 1.74.0 (must be at version 1.73.2 prior)
List of Fixes:

  • Minor updates and improvements to digital mode.

Firmware update from 1.74.0 to 1.76.5 (must be at version 1.74.0 prior)
List of Fixes:

  • VIF Masking (Moved to Service Menu)
  • Improvements in Signal to Noise ratio

Firmware update from 1.76.5 to 1.77.1
List of Fixes:

  • Fixes issue where settings are preserved when entering Service Mode.

Firmware update from 1.77.1 to 1.87

  • Various technical and operational fixes

LD-11 Firmware Updates:

Firmware Update to 1.06

Firmware Update to 1.07 (Updated 8/10/17)

  • Better Filtering on all bands.
  • Better Filter Shape Factor on Receive.
  • Lower Noise Floor, most aparent above 21 MHz.
  • Improved Unwanted Sideband Rejection.
  • Improved Carrier Suppression on SSB.
  • Increased modulation depth on AM.
  • New deviation algorithms on FM, based on filter width and deviation percentage.
  • Improved balance of audio (both RX and TX) on DIGI modes.