Mountain Toppers

The Three Amigos – MTR5b, MTR3b, and MTR4b

The massively popular Mountain Topper QRP transceivers designed by Steve Weber (KD1JV) are exclusively offered by LNR Precision.  They come in 3-band, 4-band, and 5-band options and each offer a unique experience. Incidentally, the number of mountain peaks on the logo match the number of bands of the unit. The PCBs and enclosures have all been produced proudly here in the USA. They are also being fully assembled by hand and Steve Weber has also been very involved in the testing of this phenomenal radio to ensure the quality will be what you expect in his units. Click on the links to below to view the units in our online store and to read more specs.

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 QRP School provides a nice “First Look” of the Mountain Topper MTR-5B

QRP School offers a very nice overview of the Mountain Topper MTR-3B

I’ve been having a ball with this gem for the past 10 days.  In this video, I tell you about the radio and then show you how to use nearly every feature.  It’s a long video that I made for those who may be interested in this jewel-like little rig… which should be EVERYONE!”

Great Video of MTR-3B