PatriotsLNR Precision produces The Patriot and the SKCC Member Key. Both keys have the following features: 

Designed to professional standards for effortless sending.

Featuring a wide base for solid stability under the heaviest brass pounding.

Wide range of tension settings via a coil spring from “feather light” to “pounder’s delight”.

Skirted knob lends itself to American or European sending styles.

Ball Bearings for smooth effortless action of the lever arm.

Anodized base and blocks for protection.

Solid feel of a heavy pump key in a smaller lighter desk model.

Gap ranges from zero to 1/4″.

Binding post connections for solid electrical continuity. 

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LNR Key Concepts ProPump NT9K “Standard Version” Straight Key

RETIRED – Officially Sold Out

This key was originally designed by
Bill Crosier (NT9K) as a SKCC club key

The Key Concepts Pro Pump NT9K “Standard” Version was only produced for a limited run. The NT9K key has been retired forever and we will shift our focus to other keys. The fine craftmanship of these keys are outstanding and lucky customers have been pleased by the performance.

Weighed 5LBS!!

It had a Solid Steel Base and Solid Brass Lever

The Key Concepts Pro Pump NT9K “Standard” Version was only produced for a limited run. It has been retired forever and our focus is on other keys, antennas and tranceivers. The fine craftmanship of these keys were outstanding the performance second to none. This collector key was available for only $250 plus s/h. Click the following link to purchase our other keys:  Purchase now!



 This key was one impressive key weighing an impressive 4 pounds for a rock solid foundation. One could feel the quality with the heavy duty handle attached to the solid brass key structure. The brass is a matte finish and the base is a black crinkle powder coat. The key also had a new improved contact design from older models.

Here it is in action: