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EF-QUAD EndFedz Antenna


Polarity: Depends on mounting configuration
Design Z: 50 Ohms
V.S.W.R. Bandwidth 40M: 300KHz 1.5:1
V.S.W.R. Bandwidth 20M 350KHz 1.5:1
V.S.W.R. Bandwidth 15M 450KHz 1.5:1
V.S.W.R. Bandwidth 10M 500KHz 1.51
Power Handling: 200W SSB/ CW 50W A.M.
Weight: 2 lbs.
Length: 65’
Hardware: Stainless Steel
Connector: Silver/Tefon SO-239
Radiator #18 black polyethylene coated copper-clad Wireman #532

The new EF-QUAD shaping up to be the most popular EndfedZ yet! We have had a LOT of requests for a high wattage multi-band version of our immensely popular 10/20/40 EndFedZ antenna and it is now available for purchase! The EF-QUAD is a 10M, 15M, 20M, 40M and is rated for an amazing 200W!!!


The EF-QUAD may be used as a monobander on any band between 40M and 10M. This is can be accomplished by removing the factory radiator and in-stalling the appropriate 1/2 wavelength wire. Calculate the approximate length from L= 468/F(MHz). As an example a 25’ 10” wire will allow operation on 17M as a monobander. Initially, cut the wire a bit long and trim for best V.S.W.R.

WB4DBO on the EF-QUAD: “It is a fine antenna and will certainly fill the need for many of us who live in restrictive communities and want a single wire antenna that is simple, easy and effective! Again, congratulations on a great job.” READ FULL REVIEW and Field Test

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