EFT-10/20/40 Trail-Friendly

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EFT-10/20/40 EndFedz Antenna Trail-Friendly


Polarity: Depends on mounting configuration
Design Z: 50 Ohms
V.S.W.R. Bandwidth 20M: 500KHz 1.5:1
V.S.W.R. Bandwidth 40M 140KHz 2.0:1
V.S.W.R. Bandwidth 10M 900KHz 1.5:1
Power Handling: 25W CW/SSB
Weight: 3.5 oz.
Length: 41’
Hardware: Stainless Steel
Connector: Silver/Teflon BNC
Radiator #26 black poly coated copper clad

The new “EFT-10/20/40 Trail Friendly” is an enhancement of the EF-10/20/40 MKII offering a lightweight but strong 22G polystealth wire (opposed to 18G). The matchbox (BNC connection) is much smaller and the total weight of the antenna comes in at an amazing 3.5OZ. The overall storage dimensions is 5.25″ x 2″ x 2.5″ and is perfect for your mobile needs. Also it is the first of our EndfedZ antennas to come with our “rewind” storage bar for easy deployment/storage. More details will be coming (along with specs and pictures) but we are already taking orders on our purchase page and units will ship just a few days upon order placement. The EFT-10/20/40 Trail Friendly offers the same superb quality you have come to expect with all of our EndFedZ antennas and we know you will be pleased. Be the first in your club to show off this hot new antenna!

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