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Mountain Topper

Now available for purchase!
Please allow 2-3 business days lead time prior to shipment.

This is the same Mountain Topper MTR3b that you know and love but with new added features!!

  • LCD Display
  • Memory Storage for Frequency Recall
  • Side-Tone Adjustment
  • BNC Connector

Specs for the NEW Mtr3bLCD and Manual Coming Soon

The PCBs and enclosures have all been produced proudly here in the USA. Each unit is fully assembled by hand here at LNR Precision. Steve Weber has also been very involved in the testing of this phenomenal radio to ensure the quality will be what you expect in his units.

Please note that the Mountain Topper does not have the European CE mark, thus European customers that this affects should not purchase if this is an issue for you. At this time, we will not be offering this as a modified kit as we did for the original Mtr3b.

Developed by Steve Weber KD1JV Designs

FULLY ASSEMBLED – Manufactured by LNR Precision, Inc.

A very small, very efficient three band QRP CW rig.

Three bands, 40M, 30M, 20M

MDS: ~0.2 uV
Small signal band width ~ 500 Hz
Audio output limited to ~ 1200 mv p-p
Headphone output, 16 ohms min recommended.

2.5 watts @ 9 volt supply typical
Spurs -50 dBc or better

3.771” x 2.509” x .966” (LWH)

4.4 ounces.

Power requirements:
6 volts minimum, 12 volts maximum.
Power jack:
1.7 mm center hole, 4 mm diameter, 10 mm (or longer) length.

Receive current:
~ 35 ma, no signal.

Transmit current:
~ 400 ma @ 9V, 20M
~ 550 ma @12V, 20M
(transmit current is slightly less on 40 and 30 meters)

$349.99 In stock
Brand:LNR Precision
Option Add-ons 9V External Battery Connector Kit (12.95) Spare DC Power Plug (12.95)
Top: Speaker, Keyer, Power, Antenna (BNC) Bottom: Rubber Feet Left Side Right Side Roughly size of Altoids can 3.771" Wide 2.509" Tall .966" Thick