MTR4B Mountain Topper


MTR4B Mountain Topper 00066

The MTR4B 4-Band Mountain Topper

KD1JV "Steve Weber" Designs - Produced by LNR Precision

80M, 40M, 30M, 20M

3-4 Watt Output at 12VDC

Size: 4.27"L x 3.2"W x 1.34"T
Weight: approx 9.5 OZ.


Switch selected 80/40/30/20 meter bands
(no band modules to lose or change out)

* Heavy Duty Slide Switches

* Extra room inside enclosure for battery

* Machined Aluminum Enclosure

Wide operating voltage range, 6 to 12 volts 15 ma Rx current at 12V supply
Efficient transmitter. Low current with 4W output
LCD display (1.5" x 0.55")
Push button or Optional rotary tuning

24 hour clock built in, with battery back up
(CR1225 micro lithium cell battery included)

(UPDATE: LNR Precision recommends not using the supplied coin cell battery as it causes erratic operation of the processor. The COIN Battery ONLY maintains the TIME of the CLOCK when power is off and has NOTHING TO DO WITH MEMORY storage. The CLOCK works fine with external power. Removing the coin battery does not harm the radio whatsoever and operation is 100% fine without the battery installed)

Three 63 character programmable message memories

Message beacon mode with adjustable pause time

Online Manual Click HERE

$399.99 In stock
Option Add-ons 9V External Battery Connector Kit (12.95) Spare DC Power Pug (12.95)
Running on 9V Battery Clear LCD Display DC Jack, Headphone, Paddle, BNC Connector Rugged PCB Bottom PCB Top Another View of Top with DC Plug Shown from Left Side Shown Bottom Face Pre-Artwork - Notice Powdercoat Finish Pre-Assembly - Antenna Hole Cool Artwork Cliche Picture :) With his Brothers MTR5b and MTR3b Faceplates in Production Enclosure Detail - Heavy Duty Slide Switches