LNR Transceivers


LNR Precision is proud to announce the FX-2 QRP Transceiver.  The FX-2 is a dual band QRP transceiver which operates on the 30 meter and 40 meter bands. The FX-2 weighs only 10.225 ounces (290 grams) with dimensions of 4.5″ length x 2.375″ width x 1.5″ depth. This little guy can go anywhere with you and is perfect for hiking or backpacking.




LNR also offers a Par EndfedZ EF-40/30 antenna which is the perfect compliment to this unit. Visit the Purchase page to order the these individually or as a combination unit.

Available functions:

  • Two bands, 40 and 30 meters, tuning limited to be within these bands. (7.000,000 to 7.300,000 and 10.110,000 to 10.150,000).
  • RIT tuning.
  • Variable bandwidth IF.
  • “Tune” mode with SWR indicator.
  • Iambic (B mode) keyer, 5 to 40 wpm.
  • Two (2) programmable Morse message memories of up to 120 characters each.
  • 20 user programmable frequency memories, 10 for each band.
  • As a battery saving method, the LCD back light will turn off after 2.5 minutes of inactivity. The display can still be viewed under strong light with the back light off and any activity such as pushing a button, tuning the frequency or tapping the paddle will turn the light back on.

    * Owners of the introductory FX-2 (purchased before June 10, 2012) may contact LNR Precision for a firmware upgrade to the LNR FX-2. See the About US page for contact information.