LNR LD-5 Transceiver  (Ordering Information Soon)




CW/SSB with VOX Control
Speed-adjustable AGC in values 1 to 20 
DSP Filtering Incl. (CW FROM 0 TO 1000HZ AND SSB FROM 100-2500HZ)
Frequency Range: 7000 kHz – 22 MHz
Frequency Stability: +/- 1 ppm typical over 0-50 C
Antenna: 50 ohms; HF: BNC
Modes: USB, LSB, CW
Digital Modes (CW): PSK/RTTY/JT65
CAT/USB Port capabilities for logging
Dual VFOs
100 Memory storage per band
Built in Speaker
Accessories included: Hand Mic, Power cord.

Supply Voltage and Current
10.5 V min, 15 V max.
1 to 2 A typical in transmit; 350 mA minimum receive, typical

Weight (excl.mic) 19oz/.54 kilogram
Dimensions (LWD): 5″L x 4.062″W x 2.125″D (12.7cm x 10.32cm x 5.4cm)