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 Transceiver Manuals:

MTR4bV2 4-Band Mountain Topper (NEW – Updated 1/12/21)
  • MTR4bV2 Supplement – Side Tone Adjustment – To adjust the side tone, use a NON-CONDUCTIVE or plastic screwdriver and adjust via the small access hole on the bottom of the enclosure. Adjust clockwise or counter clockwise to your personal preference. It is important to not use a metal or conductive screwdriver because you could miss the tuning adjustment and short out the PCB.
MTR3B_LCD 3-Band Mountain Topper (Updated 9/29/18)
MTR3B 3-Band Mountain Topper  (Updated 2/11/16)
MTR4B 4-Band Mountain Topper (Updated 3/5/17)
MTR5B 5-Band Mountain Topper (Updated 3/5/17)
MTR5B Original Detail Manual (Includes Schematics)

W4OP Loop Manuals (Out of Production):

W4op Loop Manual Tuning Version (Updated 12/10/17)
W4OP REMOTE Loop (Updated 9/19/17)
6M Option for W4OP Loop  (Updated 5/17/17)

*Par EndfedZ manuals can now be found on Vibroplex website at

Retired Products:
LNR FX-4a (Updated 1/26/15)
LNR FX-2 (FX-2 with updated firmware)
QST Review and Additional Information
Introductory FX-2 (Units sold prior to June 15, 2012)
LNR LD-11 (Updated 1/3/18)
LNR LD-5   (Updated 7/13/15)

Tech Notes: