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 Transceiver Manuals:

MTR4bV2 4-Band Mountain Topper (NEW – Updated 1/12/21)
MTR3B_LCD 3-Band Mountain Topper (Updated 9/29/18)
MTR3B 3-Band Mountain Topper  (Updated 2/11/16)
MTR4B 4-Band Mountain Topper (Updated 3/5/17)
MTR5B 5-Band Mountain Topper (Updated 3/5/17)
MTR5B Original Detail Manual (Includes Schematics)

W4OP Loop Manuals (Out of Production):

W4op Loop Manual Tuning Version (Updated 12/10/17)
W4OP REMOTE Loop (Updated 9/19/17)
6M Option for W4OP Loop  (Updated 5/17/17)

*Par EndfedZ manuals can now be found on Vibroplex website at

Retired Products:
LNR FX-4a (Updated 1/26/15)
LNR FX-2 (FX-2 with updated firmware)
QST Review and Additional Information
Introductory FX-2 (Units sold prior to June 15, 2012)
LNR LD-11 (Updated 1/3/18)
LNR LD-5   (Updated 7/13/15)

Tech Notes: